Since I started traveling, one of my obsessions is researching delicious food and drink. And now with Instagram, it is so much faster than flicking through the weekend section of the newspaper. It all started when I would arrive at a destination and wanted to know where I could grab a decent coffee.

No matter where it is around the country, I will plan a day trip just to visit some of my favourite spaces.

Whether it is visiting a cafe with incredible avocado on toast, a coffee shop with a specialty coffee, or a pizzeria in the middle of the woods, I get a kick out of it and love to share my experiences

My style of food and drink could be defined as homemade, quality local produce, fresh and baked comfort food.

My food experiences are often surrounded by simple, nature-inspired, or just honest interior-designed spaces. I believe eating and chatting in inspiring spaces can make such a difference to your mood and how you set up your day. Coffeehouses were originally designed to be a space where artists would congregate and dream and bring new ideas to the table. 

If I was a food I would be a cinnamon roll. The process of making these may be slow but so rewarding.

I have recently developed a love for Scandinavian food. I love their philosophy of foraging as well as their simple yet thoughtful approach to preserving and baking. 

Please enjoy and visit these places, they would love your support.

Dee Dwight x