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We love being outdoors. Getting out of whatever city we find ourselves in and rejuvenating our mind and bodies on a scenic hike. We are forever fascinated with the flora and fauna of the natural world around us and regularly blown away by the way natural forces, along with the passage of time, have crafted such a variety of awe-inspiring landscapes.

You will find us regularly on a trail staring deeply into a leaf, studying its veins and the way it is put together, or walking to the edge of a cliff to feel the thrill of the height, and to be humbled by nature’s grandeur.

We are not thrill seekers by any stretch but we do admire those who seek the extreme adventure in the outdoors. We simply want to bask in the glory of nature, to take in the ambience, and for a time, feel connected with this world that we are a part of.




Founder of Chase the Alpine +  Shasta & Co 

Content Curator + Photographer

Melbourne born and lover of the outdoors – Deanne is a nature enthusiast.

She is always up for a hike to explore somewhere new and any excuse to escape reality to switch off. She is a firm believer in the practice of forest bathing to decrease anxiety, depression and even inflammation.

Some of her favourite hikes of all time have been scaling the heights of Clouds Rest in Yosemite, to rock scrambling off the side of Mount Amos in Tasmania. She has been inspired by the National Parks of America and has been visiting them annually for the last three years. Her favourite pine is the Douglas Fir.







Creative Director + Video shooter 

Avid outdoor explorer and part-time Instagram husband.

Stephen loves getting outdoors, and as much as he tries to resist it, can’t help but always have a camera in his hand. As much as he loves to simply sit and watch the scenery change, he can’t help but be trigger happy with the camera and try and capture it with a time-lapse or with a photo.

His favourite hikes in Australia include Devil’s Staircase in the Great Alpine Range and Wilson’s Promontory, and abroad he loved the thrill of hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park and exploring the beautiful Cascade Canyon trail in Grand Teton National Park.

Inspired by landscape photography, he continues to strive to capture the beauty and the experience that comes with visiting these beautiful landmarks but finds this no simple task.


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Leave No Trace

When spending time in nature we live by the concept of “Leave No Trace.”

This means that we will not travel with plastic where possible, and not operate a drone in areas that are prohibited.