You can now save you money when thinking about boarding that next flight to Scandinavia. With benches draped in fur, don’t be deceived by this tiny cafe space in Uppingham, it will seriously make you feel like you are in Bergen.

Scandimania Coffee house has you equipped for some well deserved hygge time. Here you can grab a coffee and a Swedish cardamon and cinnamon roll.

There is limited seating, so you do need to be prepared to wait for a seat or get there at opening time. But the cosiness is part of its appeal.

The staff are all super friendly, and coffees served in handmade mugs that you can wrap your hands around to keep warm. There are freshly made juices to order, open toasts and a variety of handmade Scandinavian homemade baked goods, all presented with edible flower detail. Take away options are also available if you are in a bit of a rush or can’t get a seat.

This cafe is truly one of my favourite coffee experiences in the UK.

Why not stop by for a coffee? Find them at:
Address: 10B High St E, Uppingham, Oakham LE15 9PZ

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